Meet our President and Director

Les Lorenzen, President

Leslie Lorenzen is our re-elected president for 2020.  He has been our Vice President for Music and Performance and served as president for the last five years.  Les has been singing from the fourth grade through high school in school choirs.  He also sang at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church and sang in two stage plays in Sacramento.  He regularly sings Karaoke, too.  Les sings the lead part.    

Les is a building contractor and holds licenses in several trades.  Doing home construction, remodeling and some commercial work in the Sacramento area, he also consults on managing rental property and buys and sells homes.  

Les is married to Cheryl.  They make their home in Orangevale in the historic Orangevale Villa. They have one daughter, Tanashay, who is an art graduate of Sierra College. 

Kent Borrowdale, Director
Kent Borrowdale has been our director since 2003.  He was awarded Barbershopper of the Year (B.O.T.Y.) for 2010.  He has been a member of the society for more than forty years.  He started singing with the Sacramento Chapter in 1975 and was an assistant director for several years. He was then appointed front-line director of the Davis-Woodland Chapter in 1993 and then assistant director after they merged with the Vacaville Chapter in 2000.  He has been a chapter president of Sacramento and Davis-Vacaville chapters and was an Area Counselor for several years, advising many of the chapters in Northern California.

Kent sang baritone in the Capitol Countrymen quartet for fifteen years.  He sang lead in the High Rollers, a Davis-based quartet that sang together for nineteen years.  He is currently the lead in the Atria quartet from the Folsom Chapter.  (Please visit our Chapter Quartet page.)  He has also sung in mixed quartets and currently sings in Delta Breeze, a mixed group that performs professionally in the Sacramento area at Christmastime.

Kent is married to Soni, has three grown boys and two grandchildren, ages 22 and 18. Both grandchildren sing and play the piano.  The older girl is majoring in Environmental Studies and Theater at Humboldt State University.  The younger boy still loves video games and Sponge Bob.
Last updated: 1/14/2020
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