A  B-Barbershop Quartet

Roger, Kent, Stan and Ken

Roger, Kent, Stan and Ken have been friends and have performed together for several years.  They sing the songs that make audiences smile, tap their feet and laugh out loud.

B-BLT is a rearrangement of the letters TBDL, a quartet that sang together for many years in the Sacramento area.  We lost tenor Ozzie and gained tenor Roger.  Or, we just might be a 
Big-Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich! (Tasty and enjoyable)

B-BLT has an updated repertoire, and would be pleased to sing on your Barbershop show, for your senior residence, birthday party or other event. Performances range from twenty to forty-five minutes and are attractively priced.

Please call Stan Trumbull at 916-941-5830 or email to: strum@outlook.com

Last updated: 11/27/14

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